Basic Tools and Materials

How to make clay flowers - The basic tools for a beginner

You can join in the fun and make your very own clay flowers at home. Below are the basic materials and tools required to make clay flowers. The materials and tools can be purchased online.

We do not provide oil coloured paints, as they can be purchased from art and craft stores.

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Traditional Thai Clay used to make handmade clay flowers.
Cutters and Vein Resin Moulds
Used to cut out the shape of the petal and leaves. The Moulds provide details on the leaves and petals by pressing the clay down on it.
Needle Stick and Ball Tool
These two tools are most commonly used when creating Clay Flowers. They help create a curved shape on the petal or leaf, and for applying fine details into buds and petals.
Oil colours
Used for painting details on the petals and leaves, and mixed in with the clay to get the desired colour .​
Craft Glue, Moss, Pot and Reference
A book or reference, helps you to get to know the flower before you start, to get a better understanding of colours and shapes.​
Used for the inside of the flower and petal stems. Comes in different sizes.​
Floristry Tape
Used to tape the wire before covering over with the clay, and to join plant parts together.​
Tools you may find around you house
The art clean is used to clean the brushes. The pasta maker is used to roll out the clay to a desired thickness with plastic sheets from display folders to place the clay in between to keep the clay clean when rolled through.​